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Rights? What rights?

Something indigenous people never get tired of hearing about is how we were conquered/defeated/never had rights.  I know I just can’t get enough of having this explained to me by loudmouthed bigots and helpful progressives both!  It leaves me with … Continue reading

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No justice, no peace.

I hope everyone had a holiday and managed to enjoy it…I used to think that people complaining about putting on weight over the holidays was an exaggeration, but that was back when my metabolism allowed me to gorge myself on … Continue reading

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Got Status? Indian Status in Canada, sort of explained.

It has been my experience that many Canadians do not understand the difference between Status and membership, or why so many different terms are used to refer to native peoples.  The confusion is understandable; this is a complex issue and … Continue reading

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Images that make you go hmmmm.

Every once in a while I come across an image in my daily life that has an immediate impact on me. (You’ve already had my opinion on ‘native-themed’ costumes.)  First comes the flood of feelings.  Annoyance, frustration, confusion.  Then I … Continue reading

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Our stories, our law.

I’m sitting in a hotel in Fort St. John, BC wondering what to do with myself now that my flight has been delayed.  I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks now and I’m not exactly feeling up to seeing the … Continue reading

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Let’s all do the Limbo!

Without Prejudice agreements Some legal jargon seems to go viral.  “Without Prejudice” is definitely one of those viral terms.  You will see it slapped up there across emails, documents, agreements…like some sort of ‘keep-the-court-at-bay’ incantation that people mumble without even … Continue reading

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Aboriginal law is very frustrating to study and practice.  As I’ve pointed out before, Aboriginal law is not the study or practice of indigenous legal traditions but rather is the way in which the Canadian state mediates its relationship with … Continue reading

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From rugs to reflections on law school

The lawyer I currently work with decided to purchase some Persian rugs for the office. He has done some business in the past with a fellow whose carpet store is currently closing down, so he swung by to see if … Continue reading

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