âpihtawikosisân has moved, remember to come visit!

The new site is now up!  But it’s feeling a little lonely without you!

No new content aside from this post will be published on this wordpress.com blog, so I ask you to join us over at âpihtawikosisân.com and resubscribe to the blog!

There is a new article up on Health Canada’s recent decision to delist OxyContin and all other oxycodones from the First Nations and Inuit Drug Benefit List, and what this will mean for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and other communities struggling with addictions.

In the coming days there will also be an announcement which should excite my fellow language geeks out there, nothing earth-shattering I’m afraid, but enough to keep you in giggles for a while.  And you’ll miss it if you languish alone over here!

So I hope to see some familiar faces at the ‘new house’ soon.  I hope you’re all having an excellent weekend!

About âpihtawikosisân

Métis from Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. Currently living in Montreal, Quebec. Passions: education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby. Education: BEd, LLB, working on a BCL
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