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No offense but…

I recently had a fight with someone I consider a friend, and day three after the event, I am still trying to deconstruct how it all went so wrong.  This ordinarily would not be blog material, except that the situation … Continue reading

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No soup for bigots.

I feel a need right now to discuss privilege.  It is a complex issue, and I have a lot to say about it, so this may end up being more than one post.  This is me attempting to rationally approach … Continue reading

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No justice, no peace.

I hope everyone had a holiday and managed to enjoy it…I used to think that people complaining about putting on weight over the holidays was an exaggeration, but that was back when my metabolism allowed me to gorge myself on … Continue reading

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Don’t let them call you uneducated.

The other day my partner and I were on our way to see the Nutcracker ballet for the first time with our four daughters (two are mine, two are his).  We walked by a discarded Christmas tree and a forgotten … Continue reading

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Building relationships requires education.

When it comes to the many challenges that aboriginal peoples face here in Canada, I find I have to strike a balance between identifying those problems and trying to come up with solutions for them.  Spending too much time on … Continue reading

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We’re more than just poverty.

Today was a bit of a low day for me, emotionally.  Try as I might, I can’t seem to escape the negativity being spewed from so many mouths, streaming from the tips of so many furiously typing fingers.  No, I’m … Continue reading

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What is Chief Spence hiding? Not your logical fallacy.

This is the question of the day (week/month), isn’t it?  Cue the accusations of fraud, of theft, of corruption.  All made without a shred of evidence to support them.  Made as though such statements are self-evident.  Self-evidentiary.  Obviously true.  The … Continue reading

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Khodi Dill sums it up nicely.

I am working away on a series of posts I’d like to put together to help untangle the web of confusion surrounding oft-misunderstood issues such as First Nations health-care, education, housing, taxation, self-government, settlement claims and so on.  It isn’t … Continue reading

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Images that make you go hmmmm.

Every once in a while I come across an image in my daily life that has an immediate impact on me. (You’ve already had my opinion on ‘native-themed’ costumes.)  First comes the flood of feelings.  Annoyance, frustration, confusion.  Then I … Continue reading

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Let’s all do the Limbo!

Without Prejudice agreements Some legal jargon seems to go viral.  “Without Prejudice” is definitely one of those viral terms.  You will see it slapped up there across emails, documents, agreements…like some sort of ‘keep-the-court-at-bay’ incantation that people mumble without even … Continue reading

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