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Dealing with comments about Attawapiskat

I still intend to get a series of posts out clarifying issues like First Nations housing, health-care, education and so on, but I have a confession.  I haven’t been staying away from the comments sections of articles about Attawapiskat. I … Continue reading

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Khodi Dill sums it up nicely.

I am working away on a series of posts I’d like to put together to help untangle the web of confusion surrounding oft-misunderstood issues such as First Nations health-care, education, housing, taxation, self-government, settlement claims and so on.  It isn’t … Continue reading

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Attawapiskat, action needed!

Update, November 28 The Red Cross plans to be in the community tomorrow “to identify and address urgent, short-term needs.”  The community has apparently asked the Red Cross to manage donations to the community, so for all of you who … Continue reading

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Images that make you go hmmmm.

Every once in a while I come across an image in my daily life that has an immediate impact on me. (You’ve already had my opinion on ‘native-themed’ costumes.)  First comes the flood of feelings.  Annoyance, frustration, confusion.  Then I … Continue reading

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miskîsikohkâna, my glasses odyssey

This post is a bit of a weird deviation from my normal subject matter, but I feel like ranting a little, so in that sense I’m right on track! I have been wearing glasses (miskîsikohkâna – mis-kee-si-GOOH-gah-nu) since I was … Continue reading

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napatêhkasikan, my pumpkin pie adventure.

napatêhkasikan cî ahpô wîhkihkasikan? Pie, or cake?  Answering “both” is of course understandable, but I like to think that just as some people are ‘dog’ people while others are ‘cat’ people, some of us will take a pie over a … Continue reading

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kiyam, let it be, let it be…

During the ‘wearing us as costumes‘ discussion, one poster suggested to another that he ” kiyam-pi”.  To me this word, kiyam, contains a glimpse into a world-view that is very much at the core of Cree-ness. I have had this word … Continue reading

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