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On wearing us as costumes.

So, on the topic of ‘ethnic costumes for Halloween’.  A certain poster campaign and the spin off posters mocking the message have once more got people discussing whether or not this practice is racist. That you don’t understand why I … Continue reading

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Cree kinship terms

In the Language and Culture Links section of this blog I linked to a Cree Family Unit site that I stumbled across years ago.  As you can see from the URL, it appears to have been developed in Saskatchewan as … Continue reading

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What do you do versus where are you from?

One of the most frequently encountered differences between natives and non-natives is how we greet one another.  When you meet a non-native for the first time, after learning one another’s names, you invariably get asked, “So, what do you do?” … Continue reading

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ninikamon, I sing. About thirteen years ago, I finally picked up a guitar and started to learn how to play.  I can’t say that over a decade of playing has made me a particularly proficient guitarist though.  At times I … Continue reading

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Our stories, our law.

I’m sitting in a hotel in Fort St. John, BC wondering what to do with myself now that my flight has been delayed.  I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks now and I’m not exactly feeling up to seeing the … Continue reading

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