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nitâ natohtawin, a song for my daughter

nitâ natohtawin mâna nikî-sâkihâw kôhtâwiy, mâka êkâ ê-kî-sâkihêwêyân. nitâ kiwâpamâw kikâwiy ana iskwêw kimôhcikihâw kisâkihâw, kisâkihitin. pipohki kika-kawacîn piko tihkisa kitêh tânitahto-pipon nitêh asinîwiw. sâkihiso, nitâ, sâkihiso.  

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manitow-sâkahikanihk ohci nîya

I haven’t been home in two years.  It surprises me that this is the longest I have ever been away from home.  Even when I was living in Inuvik, I flew down south at least twice a year, sometimes more. … Continue reading

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Let’s all do the Limbo!

Without Prejudice agreements Some legal jargon seems to go viral.  “Without Prejudice” is definitely one of those viral terms.  You will see it slapped up there across emails, documents, agreements…like some sort of ‘keep-the-court-at-bay’ incantation that people mumble without even … Continue reading

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Aboriginal law is very frustrating to study and practice.  As I’ve pointed out before, Aboriginal law is not the study or practice of indigenous legal traditions but rather is the way in which the Canadian state mediates its relationship with … Continue reading

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