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In case you were thinking Cree was simple…

In a previous post I went wild explaining ways in which words can be constructed in Cree using various suffixes that are imbued with particular meanings.  I know that in some ways, this can make Cree seem rather simplistic, albeit … Continue reading

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My current obsession: beading

The Métis are often called ‘The Flower Beadwork People’ for their stunning floral designs worked out in beads or embroidery.  Intricate decorations on clothing or tools had been long practiced by native peoples using a variety of materials such as … Continue reading

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You know a tree by its fruit…I mean, root.

There are a stunning number (for me) of responses to recent blog posts that I have not yet had time to digest and respond to so I wanted to preface this post with two things: my thanks for the comments … Continue reading

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The secret lives of Indians…

June is National Aboriginal History month here in Canada, and has been since 2009.  I only found out this year.  We’ve had National Aboriginal Day (June 21) for about 15 years now, but apparently we also have a whole month … Continue reading

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Creating a language nest

I am often seized with this desire to quit my job, and devote myself entirely to developing a language and culture program for my children and others.  Language development is my most passionate hobby.  What often stops me however is … Continue reading

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Dealing with racism.

The Odawa pow-wow was awesome…a little soggy, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  It was a very laid back pow-wow and all of the kids felt very comfortable dancing during the inter-tribal songs and round dances.  My sewing skills are frankly … Continue reading

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