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napatêhkasikan, my pumpkin pie adventure.

napatêhkasikan cî ahpô wîhkihkasikan? Pie, or cake?  Answering “both” is of course understandable, but I like to think that just as some people are ‘dog’ people while others are ‘cat’ people, some of us will take a pie over a … Continue reading

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Cree kinship terms

In the Language and Culture Links section of this blog I linked to a Cree Family Unit site that I stumbled across years ago.  As you can see from the URL, it appears to have been developed in Saskatchewan as … Continue reading

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ninikamon, I sing. About thirteen years ago, I finally picked up a guitar and started to learn how to play.  I can’t say that over a decade of playing has made me a particularly proficient guitarist though.  At times I … Continue reading

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manitow-sâkahikanihk ohci nîya

I haven’t been home in two years.  It surprises me that this is the longest I have ever been away from home.  Even when I was living in Inuvik, I flew down south at least twice a year, sometimes more. … Continue reading

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In case you were thinking Cree was simple…

In a previous post I went wild explaining ways in which words can be constructed in Cree using various suffixes that are imbued with particular meanings.  I know that in some ways, this can make Cree seem rather simplistic, albeit … Continue reading

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You know a tree by its fruit…I mean, root.

There are a stunning number (for me) of responses to recent blog posts that I have not yet had time to digest and respond to so I wanted to preface this post with two things: my thanks for the comments … Continue reading

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Creating a language nest

I am often seized with this desire to quit my job, and devote myself entirely to developing a language and culture program for my children and others.  Language development is my most passionate hobby.  What often stops me however is … Continue reading

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Pow-wow season and variations in vocabulary

We haven’t done much pow-wowing since we moved East, other than the McGill pow-wow put on by First People’s House.  That pow-wow is great, but it’s really more of a small gathering which reclaims a bit of space on University … Continue reading

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Forming words in Cree

This post began as an aside to the last, but ended up fascinating me so much that I figured it would be easier to split it off.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion about word formation in … Continue reading

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Getting the kids ready for bed…in Cree!

In the spirit of the last post, nêhiyawêtân!, I have been trying to be more consistent with my use of Cree at home.  In order to do this, I’m focusing on certain periods of the day to really get the … Continue reading

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