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napatêhkasikan, my pumpkin pie adventure.

napatêhkasikan cî ahpô wîhkihkasikan? Pie, or cake?  Answering “both” is of course understandable, but I like to think that just as some people are ‘dog’ people while others are ‘cat’ people, some of us will take a pie over a … Continue reading

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kiyam, let it be, let it be…

During the ‘wearing us as costumes‘ discussion, one poster suggested to another that he ” kiyam-pi”.  To me this word, kiyam, contains a glimpse into a world-view that is very much at the core of Cree-ness. I have had this word … Continue reading

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Cree kinship terms

In the Language and Culture Links section of this blog I linked to a Cree Family Unit site that I stumbled across years ago.  As you can see from the URL, it appears to have been developed in Saskatchewan as … Continue reading

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ninikamon, I sing. About thirteen years ago, I finally picked up a guitar and started to learn how to play.  I can’t say that over a decade of playing has made me a particularly proficient guitarist though.  At times I … Continue reading

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In case you were thinking Cree was simple…

In a previous post I went wild explaining ways in which words can be constructed in Cree using various suffixes that are imbued with particular meanings.  I know that in some ways, this can make Cree seem rather simplistic, albeit … Continue reading

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