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Nimama, are they going to take me away too?

My youngest daughter was six years old when she asked me this, clinging to me in desperation, her face distorted and her eyes full of tears.  I hadn’t expected such a visceral reaction, and before I could say something intelligent … Continue reading

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No offense but…

I recently had a fight with someone I consider a friend, and day three after the event, I am still trying to deconstruct how it all went so wrong.  This ordinarily would not be blog material, except that the situation … Continue reading

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Speaking different languages at the CFNG

Well folks, there was a lot of ‘speaking two different languages‘ going on in Ottawa yesterday. For me, the highlights of the Crown-First Nation Gathering held yesterday in Ottawa came from the mouths of two women, Dr. Pam Palmater and … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Don’t give up on Attawapiskat!

The following article is my first ‘guest blog post’, by David Schulze, a partner in the law firm of Dionne Schulze in Montréal, which specializes in representing Aboriginal communities and individuals.  I think it is important to remember that the … Continue reading

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Rights? What rights?

Something indigenous people never get tired of hearing about is how we were conquered/defeated/never had rights.  I know I just can’t get enough of having this explained to me by loudmouthed bigots and helpful progressives both!  It leaves me with … Continue reading

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The “that isn’t traditional” meme.

Dude.  Say it with me.  Traditions aren’t technology-dependent. I feel like I’ve said this so often, it should be indelibly emblazoned on the mind of every person who has ever lived, but the sad fact of my limited vocal reach … Continue reading

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Residential Schools: an Introduction

I feel emotionally strong enough today to begin to tackle a subject that I tend to avoid a lot of the time…Residential Schools.  A number of people have requested that I write something about this, but each time I’ve tried … Continue reading

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No justice, no peace.

I hope everyone had a holiday and managed to enjoy it…I used to think that people complaining about putting on weight over the holidays was an exaggeration, but that was back when my metabolism allowed me to gorge myself on … Continue reading

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We’re more than just poverty.

Today was a bit of a low day for me, emotionally.  Try as I might, I can’t seem to escape the negativity being spewed from so many mouths, streaming from the tips of so many furiously typing fingers.  No, I’m … Continue reading

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Lights! Camera! Action!

originally published on OpenFile Montreal, December 13th, 2011 I was asked to review the latest remake of the classic disaster film, First Nations Housing. Although the film is still currently in production, the rumours of scandal on set, reports of … Continue reading

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