nitâ natohtawin, a song for my daughter

nitâ natohtawin

mâna nikî-sâkihâw

kôhtâwiy, mâka

êkâ ê-kî-sâkihêwêyân.

nitâ kiwâpamâw

kikâwiy ana iskwêw


kisâkihâw, kisâkihitin.

pipohki kika-kawacîn

piko tihkisa kitêh


nitêh asinîwiw.

sâkihiso, nitâ, sâkihiso.


About âpihtawikosisân

Métis from Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. Currently living in Montreal, Quebec. Passions: education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby. Education: BEd, LLB, working on a BCL
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1 Response to nitâ natohtawin, a song for my daughter

  1. Emo says:

    Of interest to you, I presume, is this article from a Law journal, with the fetching title,
    If Quebec Secedes from Canada Can the Cree Secede from Quebec?
    Douglas Sanders, 1995, U. Brit. Colum. L. Rev. 143 (1995)
    Perhaps someone should write a follow-up article (more salient to the milieu of 2011), entitled, If Quebec doesn’t secede from Canada, could the Cree still secede from Quebec?
    BTW, by sheer luck I got a copy of Richard F. Salisbury’s study, A Homeland for the Cree, contrasting conditions in 1971 to 1981… that, too, could use a sequel.

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